What is monofilament and how can it be used?

Monofilament is a single, continuous strand (filament) of synthetic fiber.  The most commonly recognized monofilament is nylon fishing line but monofilament can be used in numerous ways. 

Over the years, monofilament has been utilized in a diversity of end uses, examples include:

  • electrical cables and cable assemblies
  • 3D Printer Filament
  • eyewear retainers
  • industrial fastening systems
  • thread
  • woven or knitted narrow fabrics
  • double wall tank interlayer
  • braid reinforced medical tubing
  • circular knitting needle cables
  • waste water filtration and treatment systems
  • braided ropes and cords
  • mist eliminators/ stack scrubbers
  • Automobile air filter structure
  • woven flexible conduit
  • fish hatchery pond protective netting
  • dental applicators
  • automobile fabrics
  • non-roll waistbands
  • fishing nets
  • industrial brushes
  • weather seals
  • various medical devices
  • ultra-violet stabilized fabrics
  • infusion flow reinforcement textiles
  • hook and loop fastening systems
  • wire mesh

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